What is a UK ETA for Omani Citizens?

The UK electronic travel authorization (ETA) is a digital travel permit that can be obtained by Omani citizens for short stays of up to six (6) months in the United Kingdom (UK). It was launched in an effort to encourage tourism to the UK for nationals from certain countries including Oman. 

First opened to Omani citizens on February 1, 2024, the UK ETA was issued to eligible holders traveling to the UK on or after February 22, 2024. The UK ETA is currently available to nationals of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Jordan. As part of the push to digitize and automate the immigration process, the UK will be rolling the UK ETA out to other nationalities in 2024. 

Omani citizens are eligible to apply to the United Kingdom ETA as an alternative to the UK Electronic Visa Waiver scheme (EVW) which no longer exists. The UK ETA is a faster, simpler means of applying for the necessary travel permit. Not only is the ETA UK easy to apply for, but it is also valid for two (2) years with multiple entries, making it a more flexible travel permit. 

This electronic authorization allows citizens of Oman to travel to and stay in the UK for up to six (6) months for specific purposes including tourism, visiting family and friends, engaging in short-term study courses, or engaging in short business dealings. It can also be obtained for up to three (3) months on the  Creative Worker visa concession or for permitted paid engagements. Omani travelers transiting through the UK can also obtain a UK ETA even if they are not crossing through border control.

Benefits of the UK ETA for Omani Citizen

There are many advantages to obtaining a UK ETA for a short-term visit. From saving money to flexible travel options, here are the benefits of the UK ETA for Omani citizens:

Automated application process

In an effort to streamline the application process for certain foreign nationals, the UK government has made the UK ETA online application quick and easy. It can be completed entirely online in just a few simple steps.


The UK ETA is affordable and cost-effective. Applicants can get comprehensive application assistance and cover the administrative fees for just £55 with our top of the line services.

Flexible travel

The UK ETA provides holders with more flexibility in their travel plans. If approved at the border, holders can travel freely through the United Kingdom for up to six (6) months. They also have multiple entries that can be used over a validity period of two (2) years, provided they do not exceed this duration of stay.

Unbeatable processing times

The ETA is one of the fastest travel permits in terms of processing speeds. For most applicants, the UK ETA application decision will be made within three (3) working days. Some applicants will receive a decision in as little as a few hours.

UK ETA Eligibility Criteria for Omani Citizens

Omani citizens who want to apply for a UK ETA must be eligible and have the correct documentation. The following are the basic requirements for all Omani citizens to apply for the UK electronic travel authorization:

  • Omani citizenshipAll applicants must have a valid Omani passport. A copy of their passport will be uploaded to the online application and verified by the UK immigration authorities. Failure to submit this document will result in an unsuccessful application.
  • Intent to stay for a short periodThe permitted duration of stay with a UK ETA is either up to six (6) months, or three (3) months on the Creative Worker visa. Applicants must intend to stay for less than these periods. Otherwise, they should apply for another type of UK visa.
  • Clean criminal recordApplicants should have a clean criminal record and be able to prove they have not engaged in criminal behavior, terrorism, or extremism. If necessary, it is possible to self-declare. This will be sent to the UK authorities to make a final decision on the applicant’s suitability to obtain a UK ETA.

UK ETA Validity and Duration of Stay

The UK ETA is a multiple-entry digital travel permit that is valid for up to two (2) years for Omani citizens. Within the two-year period, Omani holders can exit and reenter the UK as many times as they like, provided they do not exceed the three (3) or six (6) month duration of stay according to their purpose of visit. Omanis with a Creative Worker ETA can only stay for up to three (3) months, while all other holders can stay for a total period of six (6) months. 

The ETA UK is linked to the holder’s passport electronically. It will remain valid for two years, unless the holder’s passport expires. In that case, the ETA will also expire. This is why is it advised to apply with a passport that has more than two years of validity from the date of entry into the UK. 

UK ETA Requirements for Omani Nationals

All Omani nationals applying for a UK ETA must submit the required documents in order for their application to be processed. The following are the basic requirements for the UK ETA application:

A valid passport

All applicants must provide a copy of a valid passport. It’s recommended to apply with a passport that will be valid for more than two (2) years from the date of entry into the UK to make the most of the UK ETA.

A valid passport

A personal photograph

All personal photographs must comply with the guidelines set forth by GOV.UK. This includes a file size that is between 50KB and 10MB measuring 600 x 750 pixels. The photograph should be clear, in color, and recent.

A personal photograph

A valid payment method

The visa application fee can be paid online using a valid form of payment. Accepted payment methods include a credit or debit card, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Applicants must ensure they have sufficient funds before proceeding with the payment.

A valid payment method

A current email address

It’s imperative that all applicants use a current email address that they can access easily. The final UK ETA decision, and if approved the ETA itself, will be sent to this address so it must be valid and up-to-date.

A current email address

Applying for a UK ETA for Omani Citizens

Applying for a UK ETA as an Omani citizen is straightforward and can be done online. Here are the basic steps that all Omani applicants will follow to apply for the UK ETA:


Complete the application form

Applicants can complete the UK ETA application form online in a few simple steps. It’s important to use accurate and valid information, including contact details and travel information.


Upload the required documents

Applicants can upload the essential documents to their UK ETA application form online, including their valid passport copy and a personal photograph that complies with the GOV.UK guidelines for digital attachments


Pay the application fee

To complete the UK ETA application process, applicants must pay the application fee online. Payments can be made using a valid form of payment such as a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.


Submit the application

Once all the documents are uploaded and the application form and payment are complete, the applicant can submit the UK ETA application for processing. It’s strongly advised to double-check all the information in the application before submitting.


Receive your ETA

Applicants will receive a decision regarding their UK ETA by email within three (3) working days. If approved, they can proceed with their travel plans for a short stay of up to six (6) months in the UK. If refused, applicants will also receive the decision by email with instructions on how to proceed. 


UK ETA Processing Time for Omani Citizens

The UK ETA has one of the fastest processing times of any UK travel permit or visa. Applicants can expect to receive a decision in up to three (3) working days. Depending on their unique case, some even hear back within a few hours.

UK ETA Fees for Omani Citizens

The fees for the UK ETA are quite affordable. The UK ETA fee of £55 includes both the governmental fees and our professional service fees. Our expert team members guide applicants through the entire application process and offer regular updates regarding the status of the ETA application during processing.

Travel with a UK ETA

to the UK

The UK ETA is an electronic travel permit that is linked to the holder’s passport for a validity period of two (2) years, or until their passport expires. Holders must have their passports with them upon arrival in the UK and for the duration of their short stay. To be extra safe, we advise printing a copy of the ETA and/or the approval email and keeping these documents accessible upon arrival in the UK in case of unforeseen circumstances. 

It should be noted that the UK ETA is not a visa, nor does it grant the holder the right to enter the UK. It is a travel permit that allows the holder to travel to the UK. Upon arrival in the UK, the final decision as to whether the holder may enter the UK lies with the border official.

Arrival and Entry
Procedures in the UK

Upon arrival in the UK, Omani citizens will present their valid passports to the UK border officials. This passport should be the same one used to apply for the ETA. As Omani nationals, ETA holders will proceed to the border control booths, not the ePassport Gates. It is possible to be refused entry into the UK despite being in possession of a valid UK ETA, so it’s important to follow all procedures and requests from the border officials properly. If approved at the border, the holder’s passport will be stamped and they will be permitted to enter the UK.  

Once they enter the UK, Omani citizens with a valid UK ETA are free to travel through England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. There is an excellent network of trains, buses, and airports throughout the UK that are accessible and easy to navigate.


Yes, Omani citizens are required to obtain an electronic travel authorization (ETA) before traveling to the UK for tourism, business, visiting friends and family, or transit purposes. The ETA allows eligible Omani travelers to visit the UK for short stays of up to six (6) months.

A UK ETA, or electronic travel authorization, is a digital travel permit used by the UK government to pre-screen travelers before their arrival in the country. It allows eligible individuals, including Omani citizens, to enter the UK for short stays of up to six (6) months for tourism, business, or transit purposes without needing to obtain a traditional visa.

Omani citizens can check the status of their UK ETA application with our expert team. We will also provide regular updates regarding the status of your ETA application to ensure you are informed every step of the way.

The ETA, or electronic travel authorization, is required for travelers from certain countries who wish to visit the UK for short stays. Citizens of Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Jordan, will need to obtain an ETA before traveling to the UK, depending on the specific visa requirements.

No, the ETA is not the same as a traditional UK visa. While both allow entry into the UK for eligible travelers, the ETA is a simpler and faster online authorization system primarily for short visits. It costs less than a traditional visa and can be completed entirely online.

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