What is a UK ETA for Kuwaiti Citizens?

The UK electronic travel authorization is a digital permit that was introduced to Kuwaiti citizens to better facilitate travel from Kuwait to the United Kingdom. It creates a streamlined process to make it easier and quicker than the previous electronic UK visa waiver (EVW). Introduced in February of 2024, the new program will greatly benefit Kuwaiti travelers.

As a citizen of Kuwait, you are required to have a visa or an ETA to enter the United Kingdom. With the UK ETA, citizens of Kuwait can streamline the visa process and stay in the UK for up to 6 months for tourism, visiting family and friends, business, or studies during the 2-year validity period. Kuwaiti citizens can stay in the UK for up to 3 months when coming on the Creative Worker visa concession. You are also eligible to stay in the UK for up to one month if you are entering for a permitted paid engagement or transiting through the UK. If you are a citizen of Kuwait and already have a valid visa to enter the UK, you do not need to obtain an ETA.

Benefits of the UK ETA for Kuwaiti Citizens

There are many benefits for Kuwaitis being able to obtain a United Kingdom ETA. This will make traveling to the UK much more attainable for many Kuwaiti people who wish to visit.

Quick and Easy Application Process

The entirely online application process to apply for the ETA streamlines the process, making it quick and effective. When compared to the previously required UK EVW, the ETA saves time and reduces hassle.

Cost Effective

The UK ETA fee is much lower than other traditional UK visas, the ETA is a very cost-effective option to visit the United Kingdom. With our services, citizens of Kuwait only pay a low price of 55 pounds to obtain the ETA.

Multi Entry Validity

You can enter and exit the UK as many times as you please with the electronic travel authorization. Allowing citizens of Kuwait to make multiple trips in and out during the ETA’s validity period makes travel planning much more flexible than the EVW’s single-entry limitation.

UK ETA Eligibility Criteria for Kuwaiti Citizens

In order to qualify for the ETA, there are a few levels of criteria that must be met by applicants. These are simple and should not be difficult to meet.

  • The Applicant Must Be a Citizen of Kuwait The applicant is required to be a citizen of Kuwait in order to qualify for the ETA for Kuwaiti citizens.
  • The Applicant Must be Planning to Stay in the UK For Less than Six Months The ETA is only valid for up to 6 months. If you are planning on staying in the United Kingdom longer than this, you should apply for a UK visa for Kuwaiti citizens that is a better fit for your goals.
  • The Applicant Must Have no Criminal RecordHaving a criminal record will lower your chance of being accepted for the ETA. If you have been incarcerated or have any immigration breeches on your record, it is best to apply for a UK visa from Kuwait that gives you a chance to explain your situation better.

UK ETA Validity and Duration of Stay

Once you receive the ETA, it is valid for two years. The duration of stay permitted with the ETA is up to 6 months. With the ETA, citizens of Kuwait are eligible to enter and exit the UK as many times as they wish.

It is essential to enter the UK with the same passport that you used to apply for it. If your passport expires before the 2-year validity is up, your ETA is no longer valid and you must apply for a new one with your new valid passport.

UK ETA Requirements for Kuwaiti Nationals

When applying for the UK ETA visa for Kuwaiti citizens, there are a few requirements that you must have and submit in order to be accepted. When compared to the more traditional UK visas, the requirements for the ETA are much easier to obtain.

Valid Passport

You must have a valid passport when applying for the ETA UK. Your passport must have at least 6 months of validity beyond your intended departure date and have at least 2 blank pages.

Valid Passport

Payment Method

The entire application process is online, which means you must have a method of payment that you can use online. Valid payment methods include debit/credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Payment Method

Digital Passport Photo

When applying, you will be required to upload a digital passport photo. This photo should have a white background and clearly show your face.

Digital Passport Photo

Email Address

You will receive notifications regarding your application and the ETA approval via email, therefore you must have a valid email address.

Email Address

Applying for a UK ETA for Kuwaiti Citizens

When applying for the UK ETA, the process is entirely online. It should only take you a few short minutes to complete and the process is simple and straightforward.


Fill Out the Application Form

You will first be prompted to fill out the UK ETA online application form. When filling out the required fields, make sure you are completing all of them accurately. If the information provided is incorrect or incomplete, you risk your application being rejected.


Attach Required Documents

After you fill out the application form, you will need to upload the required documents. These documents include a copy of your passport and your digital passport photo. When uploading your supporting documents, make sure that they adhere to the official size and format guidelines.


Pay the Application Fee

The final step before submitting your application is paying the application fee. You can pay the ETA fee using a valid debit or credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.


Submit the Application

Before you submit your application, it is important to double-check your application to verify that all fields are completed and correct. Once you have ensured that everything is ready, you can submit your application.


Receive Your ETA

You will receive the results regarding your application via email. Once your ETA is approved, you are permitted to visit the UK for your short stay of up to 6 months. If you receive results that your ETA was denied, you will be informed of the next steps to take.

UK ETA Processing Time for Kuwaiti Citizens

The ETA processing time is quick for Kuwaiti citizens. Once submitted, you should receive results within 3 working days. The streamlined process makes travel planning easy and allows for flexible travel plans. While waiting for the results of your ETA, you can log in to your application portal to check the status of your ETA.

UK ETA Fees for Kuwaiti Citizens

The United Kingdom ETA is the most cost-efficient way for citizens of Kuwait to travel to the UK. Using our professional services, you only pay a one-time low fee of 55 pounds. This includes both the governmental fees and our professional service fees. When compared with other options, such as the UK Tourist Visa from Kuwait, this is by far the most cost-efficient option.

Travel with a UK ETA

When traveling to the UK, you must use the passport that you applied for it with. Your ETA is linked to this specific passport. If your passport expires before your ETA’s 2-year validity period is over, your ETA is no longer valid.

to the UK

The UK ETA is entirely digital, meaning that you are not required to bring any physical documents with you to the United Kingdom. Even though it is not required, we suggest having a printed copy just in case any unforeseen circumstances arise. If you are a dual passport holder, make sure to use the passport that you applied for the ETA with when entering the UK.

When traveling to the UK, make sure that you have already received your approved ETA. Your valid passport and ETA will be checked during the boarding process. If you do not have your valid passport or approved ETA, you will not be permitted to board your transportation into the UK.

Arrival and Entry
Procedures in the UK

Once you arrive in the United Kingdom, you will go through immigration control. If you do not have an approved ETA, a return ticket to exit the UK, or sufficient funds for your trip, you may not be permitted entry into the United Kingdom.

Once you have been permitted entry into the UK, you are able to travel freely between England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. When transiting between these 4 countries, you should not be required to provide any information regarding your ETA. You will only need to provide your valid identification information.


The differences between the ETA and applying for a UK Visa online include the validity period, purpose of travel, and application process. An e-Visa will typically provide you with the option to stay longer in the UK, have a more complex application process, and applicants typically have a more specific purpose for their time in the United Kingdom.

GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries as well as Jordan are eligible to apply for the UK ETA. Countries within the GCC include Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.

No, the ETA cannot be extended. If you wish to stay longer than six months in the UK, you either have to exit and reapply for a new ETA or apply for a different type of visa that better fits your travel purposes.

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